A Career at Cosmosoft

   Cosmosoft isThe software firm with the rich set of software services & products. Cosmosoft, ever since its inception from the year 2000 has placed itself on the path of continuous growth.

Cosmosoft has established a clear vision towards the consistent growth in future, primarily believing in “staff as our key asset” as all of us know “For Software Production 'Key raw material is Intelligence' ”, we would like to retain only the working staff with us rather than a mix of working and non-working staff, or we prefer to retain those who joined with us for contributing few lines of code rather than only for a few months of experience and the various other categories of staff whose contribution for Cosmosoft is negligible in their initial employment period with us.

Our employees are guided by a common set of values and ethics.Cosmosoft offers competitive compensation at par with best in the industry. Cosmosoft also offers performance awards and rewards by way of promotions and hike in salary in recognition of outstanding performances.

Cosmosoft is currently seeking individuals for the following positions:

1.Application Maintenance Engineer

2.Sr. Sale Executive – E.R.P. Division

If you would like to join our team, please submit your resume in our Email id career@cosomosoft.asia