Cosmosoft Asset Management Solution – cAMS

cAMS is a software for Fixed Asset Management. cAMS exhaustively covers all the requirements of asset accounts. cAMS keeps track of all the assets right from the purchase to depreciation computation. Depreciation schedule can be generated either on straight-line method or written down value method for the purpose of Companies Act. All the provisions of relevant acts and rules are taken into account while preparing and computing the assets reports. cAMS helps to maintain the asset register, work in progress assets, asset sales, value addition to existing assets and also shift details. Assets can be grouped to different levels and depreciation schedule summary can be generated groupwise.

cAMS is the right choice for all corporate entities, banks, financial institutions, government corporations and all those who maintain quite a large number of fixed assets.

cAMS is fully integrated with EX - NGN Accounting solution from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). cAMS is fully integrated with Bar Code Scanners.

Major Functionalities

1. Multi Currency Support.
2. User definable Depreciation Periods.
3. Selection of WDV/SLM Method.
4. Consolidation of information for corporate view..
5. Keeps track of Asset warranty/AMC..
6. Distributed Management of branch Database.
7. Keep Track of WIP (Work In Progress) assets for the current financial year.
8. Maintain Foreign Exchange fluctuation for imported assets.
9. Asset Insurance Details and Maintains Service Register.
10.Import/ Export options for data transfer with other common applications like MS - Excel.
11.Revoke the Deleted Voucher.
12.Depreciation Computation as per Companies Act,Income Tax Act, Section 350 of the Companies Act.
13.Manage fixed assets at different branches of the same company from one location.

AMC Options

As a part of support and service we offer Annual Maintenance Contract for our products and projects. Our AMC rates are lower than standard AMC rate charged for similar products in the market . During the AMC period , minor upgrades are offered to the clients free of cost is the major advantage of signing the AMC.