APPLECART - HR & Payroll Solution

APPLECART (Advanced Payroll Processing & Live Employee Career management, Appraisal, Recruitment and Training) provides a comprehensive solution for managing the work force with powerful querying and reporting features. The various subsystems under the APPLECART are Personnel Management, Payroll & Tax Accounting, Leave & Loan management and JV Passing to ERP systems like SAP and ORACLE Financials.

The salary processing and tax computing engines are very powerful yet easy to implement and use. Payroll user will be able to easily define the pay components and its computation sequence in simple mathematical formulae, eliminating the need for customization for any future changes in the pay structure. All statutory deductions such as PF, ESI, TDS and accounting of these is kept track in the system. The monthly / annual reports and statutory forms are generated by the system automatically. The powerful process engine is capable of processing thousand employees per minute & is the fastest payroll processing engine ever developed.


1. Recruitment & Training
2. Payroll
3. Suggestion
4. Alert, Mailing and SMS
5. Leave & Loan
6. Employee Self Service
8. Employee Help Desk
9. Arrear & Bonus
10.Journal Voucher Processing
12.Performance Management
13.Attendance Processing
14.Organisation Management
15.Appraisal & Career Mgmt.
16.Final Settlement

AMC Options

As a part of support and service we offer Annual Maintenance Contract for our products and projects. Our AMC rates are lower than standard AMC rate charged for similar products in the market . During the AMC period , minor upgrades are offered to the clients free of cost is the major advantage of signing the AMC.